Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing

The Most Abundant Salmon in The Togiak River

Sockeye salmon are hands down the most abundant and hardest fighting salmon for their size. In recent years, the Togiak River has had over one million returning Sockeye Salmon. Like Silver Salmon, Sockeye turn into acrobats once they are hooked. They have the reddest flesh of all Pacific Salmon due to their diet in the ocean consisting of mostly plankton and crustations.

Sockeye filets keep the longest in the freezer when compared to the other four members in the Pacficic Salmon family. Sockeye begin returning in early July and run though the middle of August with the peak being the last part of July.

They make a wonderful afternoon option after chasing Kings in the morning. The limit is five sockeye per day on the Togiak. If targeted on top of Kings you’ll have the chance to take home 50 Pounds of King Salmon and 25 pounds of Sockeye.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing Photos

How We Target Togiak Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye are known for their timid and finicky nature. We employ a variety of methods on the Togiak to entice these seemingly unwilling fish to bite, many days with great success. Targeting sockeye requires many tactics to be available and at the ready depending on the mood of the fish. Float fishing roe and single egg patterns, ultra light spinners, spoons, and jigs, and back trolling small dining plugs or small baits of shrimp all put fish in the box.

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