Round Island Walrus Sanctuary

Camping and day trips to the highest concentration of walrus in North America

About Round Island

Round Island, Also known as “The Walrus Island” is apart of the The Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary in Bristol Bay Alaska, about 30 miles from the Village of Togiak, Alaska and 65 miles southwest of Dillingham. Round Island has one of the largest populations of Walrus in North America and is a refuge for not just Pacific Walrus but Stellar Sea Lions, Tufted Puffins, and several other species of sea birds. The Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary was created in 1960 to protect the large population of Walrus that fluctuates between the Islands. Round Island is the most well known island in the game sanctuary due to the Department of Fish and Games camp on Round Island that is staffed through the summer months to protect and monitor walruses, other terrestrial and marine wildlife, and to operate a visitor use program. Their visitor program allows people to visit and camp on the Island from May 1st – August 15th.

The Trip

Togiak River Lodge is one of two outfitters that have permits to transport guests to and from Round Island. With our Lodge located only six miles from the Village of Togiak, guests do not have the burden of figuring out where they will stay and who will transport them to the Island. Togiak River Lodge will pick up guests from the Airport in Togiak, provide lodging the night before they leave for Round Island, take guests to the Island the following morning, and pick them up at the end of the their trip. We are a one stop shop for those who want to visit Round Island.

Guests will need to visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website to acquire the correct permit for their trip and plan what they need to bring . You can access their permit page page here –

This is the link to their “What to expect page”

Cost for the Round Island Package – $1,995 per person and includes the Following:

  • Transport from Togiak airport to lodge.
  • Lodging and meals prepared by our chef the night before they leave for Round Island
  • Transportation to and from Round Island
  • Lodging and Meals before they flight out of Togiak back to Dillingham
  • Transportation to Togiak airport from the Lodge

There is a two person minimum to transport out to Round Island

It does not include:

  • Commercial flights from Anchorage to Dillingham.
  • Flights from Dillingham to Togiak (we can assist to find the right flights)
  • Camping equipment
  • Food and water while on Round Island (Can be purchased through lodge for additional cost)

Gear Rental & Food on the Island

Togiak River Lodge has gear rentals available for guests who do not want to travel with camping equipment. Our tents, sleeping bags, pads etc. are the best money can buy, and made to stand up to the ever changing weather that Bristol Bay Alaska presents.

Accommodations before & after your trip, hosted by Togiak River Lodge

  • Togiak River Lodge is a full service lodge offering our guests modern accommodations in a remote wilderness environment.
  • Round Island Guests will be housed in our guest cabins, all of which have their own bathroom with flush toilet, shower, 24 hr power, 24 hr water and 24 hr heat.
  • Round Island Guests will be served Four meals in total – Dinner (the night before transport) breakfast (the morning of transport), Dinner (the night of being picked up from the Island) Breakfast (the morning of departing from Togiak)

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