Alaskan Waterfowl Hunting

How We Target Togiak Waterfowl

Togiak River lodge is now offering waterfowl hunts during our September 16th – September 24th “Cast & Blast Rotations”

When waterfowl hunters think of chasing birds in Alaska, their minds generally wander to Cold Bay on the Aleutian chain. Now they have a new destination to visit. The Togiak River valley has a huge influx of waterfowl beginning in late August and running all the way into October.

A wide variety of ducks such as Green Wing Teal, Pintails, Shovelers, Widgeon and Mallard all begin to fill the saltwater flats and fresh water sloughs in the Togiak Drainage, as well as Aleutian, Cackling Canada Geese and Speckle Belly Geese as well. These birds have virtually zero pressure in this unit, making them very easy to decoy and providing some amazing hunting.

Lots of birds, and zero hunting pressure besides our lodge. What more could you ask for?

Tidal Flats

Like targeting ducks and geese in the lower 48, we focus in on feeding areas around the mouth of the Togiak and out into the Togiak Delta as well. The Togiak tide flats and the mouth of the Twin Hills river provide very traditional saltwater estuary duck hunting, 3-5 dozen floating decoys and depending on the spot either hunting out of lay down blinds, or behind a TangleeFree panel blind.


We have several fresh water sloughs connected to the main stem of the Togiak River that are not tidal effected and are excellent for cacklers and puddle ducks. Many of these sloughs are adjacent to berry fields, where the geese feed. They often will hop from berry patch to berry patch, and then land in nearby sloughs to get water. We typically hunt these sloughs with 3-5 dozen floating duck decoys, 2-4 dozen dive bomb Canada silhouettes and hide behind TangleFree panel blinds that are brushed in with natural foliage.

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