Pacific Halibut – Togiak Bay

How We Target Togiak Halibut

The Gear

Bristol Bay has arguably the most unique halibut fishery in Alaska. While not known for shear numbers of Halibut, Togiak Bay has a healthy population of high quality migrating and resident Pacific Halibut. We target these fish in 30 – 70 feet of water and are running anywhere from 3 – 9 oz of lead. Where else can you target Halibut in 40 ft of water?

When do we target them?

Togiak River Lodge offers Halibut trips to guests from June 10th – July 16th. Anglers can book a halibut specific trip before July 1st where they will have multiple days to target them. After July 1st, guests will be offered one day of halibut fishing during our Angler Adventure time frame

The Vessel

Our 24′ Design Concepts is likely one of the most unique saltwater boats in Alaska. Togiak Bay can be incredibly shallow at time. This boat has a 8.1 liter Chevy vortex jet engine. I know it may hard to believe, but this boat can run in 10 inches of water. While we don’t intentionally seek those water conditions, its nice to have the flexibility when coming back in on a low tide. We run this boat directly from the the lodge, all the way out to the halibut grounds.

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