Where is Togiak River lodge Located?

Togiak River Lodge is located about six miles from the mouth of the Togiak River. The village of Togiak is 350 miles southwest of Anchorage in Northern Bristol Bay and 60 miles west of Dillingham.

What fishing trips does Togiak River Lodge offer?

Togiak River Lodge offers three-, four- and five-day trips. Our Halibut and Anglers Adventure season begin in June and Runs through the end of July. Anglers Adventure season presents guests with the opportunity to catch four out of the five pacific Salmon (Kings, Sockeye, Chums and Pink Salmon) as well as Dolly Varden, Sea run Dolly Varden (Known as Arctic Char) trophy Alaskan Rainbow trout and Halibut. We are the only lodge in Bristol Bay that offers both fresh and saltwater trips.

Our Variety on the Fly season starts in early August and runs through August 20th. From August 20th – September 16th is our Red Hot Silvers – Season. During the Silver season, guests will see arguably some of the best Salmon fishing in the world. It is not uncommon for guests to Catch 100+ Silvers per day, as well Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. All of our trips are in river fishing.

How do you get to the lodge?

All of our guests fly directly to Togiak from Anchorage on a private Charter plane that can take up to 14 people. The charter flight is roughly an hour and half direct flight.

Is Airfare to the lodge included in the price?

Yes, all of our trip packages include your airfare on the private charter plane from Anchorage to Togiak and back to Anchorage at the end of your trip.

What does the price include?

We do not have any hidden fees at Togiak River Lodge. All of our packages include the following – Airfare to the lodge from Anchorage and back to Anchorage at the end of the trip, three, five or seven days of guided salmon fishing, USCG certified professional fishing guide, fishing rods, tackle & gear, three full meals plus snacks, fish processing, lodging, access to lodge WIFI, TV and lodge cell phones, complimentary 25 or 50 pound waxed fish boxes. Each guest can take a max of 50 pounds of fish.

What is the cancelation policy?

Our cancelation policy is as follows – We will offer a refund within 14 days of making your initial deposit. After that we do not offer any refunds but will apply the funds to a different time period. We highly recommend travel insurance to help mitigate the risk of not making your trip.

What is not included?

Your fishing license, airfare to Anchorage from your home, and gratuities are not included.

Do we fish on travel day?

When you arrive to the lodge, you will land in Togiak about 8:30 am and arrive to the lodge at roughly 9:30 am. After we get you fed, we make sure that are guests are on the water as soon as possible. When you arrive to the lodge, you will have a full day of fishing.

What is the schedule when we leave?

On the day you leave the lodge, you will depart from the lodge at roughly 7:00 – 7:30 am. The charter plane will Leave Togiak between 8:30 – 9:00 am.

What time should I book my outbound flight?

On the day you leave the lodge, you will most likely be back to Anchorage by noon. However, we do not recommend booking flights any earlier than 3:30 – 4:00 pm just in case there are weather delays.

How is the fish processed?

Our guides and fish processors take great pride in making sure your Salmon is top notch quality. All fish is filleted to your desire, vacuum sealed, and frozen hard before it is packed in a complementary waxed fish box. We make sure that the fish you harvest, is the fish that you take home. Due to weight constraints on the charter plane and conservation, each guest is limited to 50 lbs of processed fish

What Charter Company do you use and where is it located?

Togiak River Lodge uses ACE Air Cargo for almost all of our charter flights. The terminal that they fly out of is the North Terminal at the Ted Steven’s international airport. Map attached here.

What time does the charter leave?

On the arrival day to the lodge, you will need to report to Gate L2 at 6:00 am for a 7:00 am flight to Togiak.

What do I need to bring?

Here is our Packing List: Download Here

What is needed to Reserve a spot?

If you are booking a trip for the current season, we require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. If you are booking for the following season, we require $1,000 down to reserve the spot, half the balance of the trip is due by December 1st of the current year and the remaining balance is due by April 1st. Example: It’s August 2022 and you want to book a trip in July of 2023 – We require $1,000 down per person to confirm the spots, and the second payment would be due by December 1st, 2022. The remaining Balance of the 2023 trip is due by April 1st 2023.

Do we need to bring our own soap, towels and sleeping bags?

Heck no! We are a full service lodge and provide everything in our guest cabins that you would find in a hotel. All linens, towels, body wash, Shampoo and housekeeping is provided, free of cost.