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Traveling to and From Togiak River Lodge

The Togiak River Lodge is located in remote Northern Bristol Bay, 350 Miles southwest of Anchorage, and 60 miles west of Dillingham. The village of Togiak does not have commercial flights from Anchorage. Because of the remote location of our Lodge, all guests of Togiak River Lodge will be transported via a private charter airplane from ACE Air Cargo, that flies directly from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to the village of Togiak.

The flight from Anchorage to Togiak is a beautiful hour and half flight over mountains and many other river systems. This direct flight eliminates the hassle of having to fly to the Dillingham airport and then an additional small shuttle flight from Dillingham to Togiak. The direct charter flight allows our guests to arrive to the lodge early, and fish on travel day and also prevents them from losing essential baggage.

ACE Air Cargo charter will depart from the lower concourse at Gate L2, left of the baggage claim. You do not need a boarding pass, and you do not need to go through security.

All guests will need to report to Gate L2 at 6:00 am for a 7:00 am flight to Togiak. ACE Air Cargo will already have your name on the Togiak River Lodge charter passenger list. Please limit your baggage weight to 50 pounds total.

Guests will arrive to the village of Togiak around 8:30 am and will be greeted by Togiak River Lodge staff and our 15-passenger van and Ford Cargo trucks. From there, all guest luggage will be loaded into the truck, guests will take a quick five minute ride through the village of Togiak to the boat launch. Togiak River Lodge guides will launch the cargo boat, load guests into lodge boats and take the 15-minute boat ride up the river to the lodge.

Upon your arrival, Togiak River Lodge staff will take guest luggage to guest cabins, guests will be fed and on the water for a full day of fishing!

Return Flight

On departure day, Togiak River Lodge guests will arrive back to Anchorage around noon via ACE Air Cargo (Weather Permitting). We DO NOT recommend booking outgoing flights earlier than 4:00 pm out of Anchorage just in case there are weather delays.

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