Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

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The Togiak River Lodge has arguably the best Silver Salmon fishing in the world. The run of Alaskan Silver Salmon begin in Early August and run well past September after the lodge has been closed for the winter. These silver bullets average 9 – 13 pounds, are blinding bright and almost always still have sea lice attached from being in the Saltwater only hours before being caught. These fish devour spinners, jigs, flys and well.. there aren’t many things you can’t catch these fish with. The favorite and most unique method being topwater lures that these fish explode on. Its top water bass fishing on steroids. 50+ fish days are typical on the Togiak with the chance to catch many many more than that. The lodge record is over 100 Silvers to the boat before lunch.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Photos

How We Target Togiak Silver Salmon

Chasing Silvers on the Togiak is a run and gun affair. These wildly aggressive fish are easy to target with light tackle, casting inline spinners and marabou jigs are two favorite methods. Large streamers and topwater flies are also extremely effective. Most days during silver season, clients are met with the question, “how would you LIKE to catch them today?” There are simply that many fish.

3 Day Silver Salmon Fishing Trip

$3,820 per person (includes airfare from Anchorage)

5 Day Silver Salmon Fishing Trip

$5,720 per person (includes airfare from Anchorage)

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