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Looking for a real fight? Try King Salmon on the Togiak River. The King Salmon arrive to the Togiak in Bristol Bay Alaska in Mid-June and run all the way through the end of July. Togiak King Salmon are some of the last Kings that can be retained in Alaska. Ranging from 18 – 25 pounds with the chance to catch a fish over 30 pounds, these fish are truly Silver gems.

With the lodge being only six miles from Saltwater, these King Salmon are blinding bright, ready to fight and the best quality that you could ask for. The best time to have a chance at catching a Togiak River King Salmon is during our June and July Multi-species season. Where you will have the chance to catch four species of Pacific Salmon (Kings, Sockeye, Chums and Pinks) as well as Dolly Vardon and trophy Alaskan Rainbow Trout.

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How We Target Togiak King Salmon

We are blessed to have abundant runs of King Salmon on the Togiak, and abundant runs of extremely aggressive king salmon at that! We employ most of the tried and true methods for catching big Alaskan King salmon, including back trolling large diving plugs, downstream trolling spinners, casting and retrieving spinners, back bouncing, bobber dogging, and traditional suspended float fishing.

For the fly angler, kings can be targeted on both 1 hand and 2 hand rods. Weather stripping large streamers on soft edges, or swinging large flys on a spey rod, the Togiak provides an excellent arena to target kings on the fly. We take pride in diversifying and testing out new ideas/methods as well, as the Togiak provides an almost perfect testing ground.

alaska king salmon fishing

3 Day King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink Salmon Fishing Trip

$3,970 per person (includes airfare from Anchorage)

5 Day King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink Salmon Fishing Trip

$6,300 per person (includes airfare from Anchorage)

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