Rates & Dates

Your remote wilderness fishing trip at Togiak River Lodge includes three, five or seven days of guided salmon and trout fishing, 2 anglers per guide (can fish up to four if requested) in our giant aluminum fishing boats, double occupancy in our cabins that can take up to four if requested, all in which have 24-hour water, power, full bathroom, twin or king sized beds, 24 hour heat via small pellet stoves or oil heaters. All fishing gear is provided, as well as all fish cleaning, processing, packaging and waders, boots or rain gear if needed. Also included in your fishing package is your round-trip airfare from Anchorage via a Raytheon Beech 1900C flown by ACE Air Cargo. This charter plane can take up to 14 people. Please limit your baggage weight to 50# plus a 10lb. carry-on. (Baggage weight over the limit may be assessed an additional charge.)

Roundtrip Airfare to Togiak Free of Charge!

Fishing Trip Rates

Three Day Trip $3,820

Four Day Trip $4,770

Five Day Trip $5,720

Price of package includes airfare on a private charter plane from Anchorage to Togiak and back to Anchorage at the end of the trip

2021 King Salmon Dates

June 21st – June 26th (Booked) *

June 26th – July 1st (Booked) *

July 1st – July 6th (Booked) *

July 6th – July 11th (Booked)*

July 11th – July 16th (Booked)

July 16th – July 19th (3 Day trip – Booked)

July 19th – July 24th (Multi Species Week Discount – $3,999 for five days – Booked)

2021 Silver Salmon Dates

August 10th – August 15th (Booked)

August 15th – August 20th (Booked)

August 20th – August 23rd (Booked)*

August 23rd – August 30th (Booked)*

August 30th – September 4th (Booked)*

September 4th – September 9th (Booked)*

September 9th – September 14th (Booked)*

2022 King Dates

June 21st – June 26th (20+ spots available)

June 26th – July 1st (Booked)

July 1st – July 6th (Booked)

July 6th – July 11th (15+ spots available)

July 11th – July 16th ( 15+ Spots available)

July 16th – July 19th (Three Day Trip – 15+ Spots available)

July 19th – July 24th ( Multi Species Week Discount – $3,999 for five days – 15 spots available)

2022 Silver Dates

August 10th – August 15th (15+ Spots)

August 15th – August 20th (Booked)

August 20th – August 23rd (15+ Spots)

August 23rd – August 28th (Booked)

August 28th – September 2nd (Booked)

September 2nd – September 7th (Booked)

September 7th – September 12th (5+ Spots)

September 12th – September 15th (Four Day Trip – 15+ Spots)

An Asterisk * denotes peak of run

  • Round trip air transportation to and from Anchorage and Togiak is included in all packages

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